Why rent a car in BELGRADE?

Renting a car on vation give your the opportunity to explore the whole city, find exciting places, bars and tourist attractions. Renting a car allows you to move through the city with freedom and mobility, and to have a feel of the city's charm and atmosphere!

What side of the Road do we drive on?

Like most Europen countries we drive on the right side of the road.

Can i pick-up my car from one location and drop it off at another?

Yes, we offer that service at D CAR, Belgrade. Just let us know when you make a reservation. 

Are the cars for hire at D car Belgrade manual or Automatics?

We offer both, manual and automatic cars. 

Do i get a copy of my invoice?

Yes, you can get a copy of your invoice after the payment is processed. You will need your email and full name to retrieve the information. 

How can i locate the closest D CAR Location?

Please click on the office location on the home page and see where our offices are. 

How do i know my reservation is confirmed

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Is it possible to modify/cancel my reservation after it is confirmed?

You may cancel your reservation by using the same booking channel as the one used for your reservation or by contacting our local Call Center. Cancellations made through the Europcar reservation website will take effect when recorded in the Europcar reservation system.
You may cancel your  reservation as follows:- You may cancel the reservation free of charge up to 48h before the rental is due to start. if not an amount of 50€ will be charged.- If You have not cancelled and fail to come to the Europcar rental location to pick up the Vehicle, the amount will be charged as  “no show” fee

Is it possible to view my reservation after it is confirmed?

Yes, you can view your reservation by clicking on My booking.

Is there a minimum/maximum age for renting a vehicle with D CAR?

In most countries you much be aged 21 or over to rent a car and in any case have held a driving licence for at least one year. AT D CAR, minimum age is 18 and maximum is 70 years of age. 

If i have forgotten my driving licence, can i still hire the vehicle?

The driving licence is a MUST for renting a vehicle at DCAR and must be presented at pick up time. 

My driving licence will expire soon, can i still rent a vehicle?

A valid driving licence is requred to pick up the vehicle at station. The expiration date of the driving licence must be greater than the return date of your rental. 

Can i upgrade the vehicle i booked?

When you arrive at station for pick up, you could request for higher category if available. The D CAR staff will provide you with the upgraded vehicle and charge you additionally fot eh price difference. 

Do i need an international driving licence?

A valid driving licence is required to pick up the vehicle. You will have to show it at counter or at the picked pick up location. The driving licence must be written in LATIN or CYRILIC characters (European and/or international driving licence or translation)

COVID 19 - Can i travel into a designated red zone with one of your vehicles?

Yes, if you have all the required documentation that if required from the passengers, you may travel. D CAR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE IF THE PASSENGERS ARE STOPPED OR RETURNED back to Serbia. 

COVID 19 - Am i sure i won't be Contaminated by renting one of your vehicles?

All our vehicles are cleaned before hire and we have implemented additional cleaning measures including sanitising surfaces within the vehicle. 

COVID 19 - Can i move through any country of the European union with this vehicle?

We are not implementing any travel restriction for our vehicles. Customers should follow local authority guidance or travel restrictions.

Can i have confirmation of the vehicle i want?

Yes, when receving the booking confirmation, you will also see the vehicle you have selected. Upon pick up time you will receive that vehicle. 

Can the agent explain the vehicle's controls to me?

When picking up your rented cehicle, the agent is at your entire disposal to explain to you its main controls.

Can i registed additional drivers?

Additional drivers are authorised to drive the vehicle. They need to be expressly mentioned / identified on the rental agreement