Concluded between DCAR DOO Belgrade (hereinafter the Lessor) and the user of the vehicle (hereinafter the Lessee). 

Article 1. 

The Lessor provides the Lessee with a vehicle for use under the Terms and Conditions set forth in this Agreement, a variable price list, our Rental Information, and Instructions on the Lessee's actions in case of an accident, as well as other rules in accordance with applicable regulations. 

Article 2.

The Lessee has signed this Agreement and the price list and undertakes: 

1. That he took over the rented vehicle in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

2. That he received with the vehicle documents for the vehicle, vehicle keys, all mandatory equipment and accessories, as well as additional equipment and accessories specified in the Contract;

3. To return the rented vehicle to the place after the end of the lease and within the period determined by this Agreement, before the expiration of the lease, immediately at the request of the Lessor;

4. To immediately stop driving if a breakdown occurs per kilometre during the rental and immediately notify the Lessor;

5. That the rented vehicle will not be used for illicit purposes (for committing crimes, customs, foreign exchange, and other offenses, as well as other illicit acts), for driver training, for renting to third parties, transporting cargo or towing other vehicles or trailers and for participation in motor sports events, nor under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants. If the Lessee acts contrary to this point, it will compensate the Landlord without delay for the damage caused in full;

6. That the rented vehicle will be used only for their own needs and the vehicle will be driven by the Lessee or a person who meets all the conditions and is stated in the Agreement. The material responsibility of these persons is joint and several; 

7. Not to burden the rented vehicle with persons or objects over the allowed maximum weight or to cross the state border with the vehicle without a previously obtained green card from the Lessor. If the Lessee crosses the state border without a previously obtained green card, he is obliged to bear all material responsibility towards the Lessor and the competent authorities of the state in which he was found with the rented vehicle for the violation in question;

8. That without the written consent of the Lessor we may not make any changes to parts, assemblies, devices, equipment or in any way change the appearance of the vehicle. Changed or missing parts, the Lessee is obliged to reimburse the Lessor in the amount of their market value no later than the day of return of the vehicle;

9. To use and protect the devices or means for securing the vehicle from theft that are available and to protect the vehicle;

10. To enable the control of vehicles and documentation to the authorized person of the Lessor at any time;

11. To use and keep the vehicle with the care of a good host;

Article 3.

The lessee is obliged to meet the basic conditions for renting a vehicle, namely: possession of a valid driver's license, mandatory identification with ID card or passport, proof of user status in a legal entity (employment contract, power of attorney, company seal, etc.) mandatory payment card as means of security and payment, advance payment of collected rental days. The minimum rental length is 1 (in words: one) day (24 (in words: twenty-four) hours), 60 (in words: sixty) minutes of delay when returning the vehicle will be tolerated, and then automatically charge a new rental day according to the valid price list. The maximum length of the lease is 11 (in words: eleven) months, with the Lessor retaining the discretion to decide on the length of the lease of the vehicle. 

Article 4. 

When concluding the Agreement, the Lessee is obliged to pay the determined amount of money in the name of the advance payment and deposit all documents and acts referred to in Article 3 of this Agreement.

Article 5. 

The Lessee agrees to pay the Lessor:

1. Vehicle rental and other services according to the valid price list. For the amount of the paid advance payment, the rental price is guaranteed up to the amount of the advance payment;

2. Fuel costs, repairs of tires and fees (tolls, tolls, ferries, misdemeanours, parking fines, fees and litigation) are borne by the Lessee. If the Lessor has previously paid them, they will be refunded by the Lessor;

3. Return mileage by the value of fuel consumed when the Lessee returns the rented vehicle outside the agreed place of return of the vehicle.

Article 6.

The Lessee is given a technically correct vehicle for use, and for all possible technical defects that occur during the lease, the Lessee bears full responsibility. If the engine, drive mechanism, gearbox, clutch, crankcase, or other characteristic part is damaged while using the vehicle (due to lack of oil, engine, differential, gearbox, coolant, engine overheating, etc.), the contracting parties will jointly, in an authorized service, perform defect defect, and determine the amount of material damage. If the breakdown occurred due to the Lessee's negligence, the Lessee is obliged to compensate the Lessor for material damage to the vehicle in full and lost profit due to non-use of the vehicle in the amount of the Lessor's minimum wage according to the current price list, up to 30 days. In the event of a total breakdown, the Lessee is obliged to compensate the Lessor for the lost profit from the day of the breakdown until the day of replacement of the damaged vehicle with a new one.

Article 7.

In case of traffic accident, breakdown, theft of vehicles or parts or malfunction of the vehicle, the Lessee is obliged not to leave the vehicle until it has been taken over by the Lessor, to wait for the Ministry of Interior and provide their minutes, and to fill in the “European Report on a traffic accident”, except in the case of a vehicle malfunction and submit a written statement to the nearest branch of the Lessor. If the Lessee misses some of the above actions and thus causes damage to the Lessor, he is obliged to compensate the damage in full.

Article 8. 

The lessee confirms with his signature that he is aware that the rental price includes driver's and person's insurance, compulsory insurance, if theft insurance is purchased and damage insurance with appropriate participation in theft / damage, as stated in the Lease Agreement and Lease Information. The insurance does not cover the following: damage to the interior of the vehicle; damage to the chassis of the vehicle from below; damage to tires and wheels; broken and / or lost key; damage caused by refuelling the wrong type of fuel; damages caused knowingly or through the negligence of the Lessee. All the listed damages will be charged in full from the Lessee at the latest at the time of returning the vehicle.

Article 9.

The Lessor is not liable for damage caused to third parties caused by improper driving of the Lessee, for damage caused by loss or damage to luggage and goods that were in or on the vehicle.

Article 10.

The lessee is obliged to return the vehicle within the agreed time at the agreed place. In case of the need to extend the lease, a new contract will be signed after the Lessee settles all obligations under the previously concluded contract. 

Article 11.

In case of a dispute under this contract, the contracting parties will try to resolve the dispute by out-of-court agreement, otherwise they will recognize the jurisdiction of the First Basic Court in Belgrade. 

Article 12.

The Law on Obligations of the Republic of Serbia will apply to everything that is not foreseen by this agreement.

Article 13.

The Lessee's instructions on how to act in the event of a traffic accident are an integral part of this Agreement and the Lessee confirms with his signature that he is familiar with the contents of the same. This contract is made in three identical copies, two for the Lessor and one for the Lessee. 

Instructions for dealing with the Lessee in the event of a traffic accident

POLICE RECORDS ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE! If the Lessee of the vehicle does not ensure the presence of the police or police record and a properly completed "European Accident Report", the full amount of damage and / or theft will be charged by the Lessee, regardless of the type of insurance purchased. It is necessary to make a police report and fill in the “European Accident Report” correctly even in cases when the Lessee was not present when the vehicle was damaged (eg the vehicle was damaged in the parking lot by an unidentified person).

In case of a traffic accident, damage or theft of the rented vehicle, the Lessee is obliged to act as follows: IMMEDIATELY to inform the police and the Lessor about the event and to follow their instructions. 

The lessee must not drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs or drugs, without passing the driving test for the category of vehicles he rented and without a green card in case of driving abroad. In these cases, the INSURANCE is NOT valid and the Lessee is charged the full amount of damage / theft.

The lessee may not give the rented vehicle for use to unauthorized persons, ie. to persons who are not registered in the Lease Agreement. In these cases, the INSURANCE is NOT valid and the Lessee is charged the full amount of damage / theft.